Project Graduation
Class of 2021

Dear Parents:

Guess what? Your senior is graduating May, 2021. It’s just amazing how the time has flown. First we worried about ten little fingers and toes, now we worry about college applications and/or job prospects. But first, there’s graduation!

In the past, graduation night has often produced car accidents and sadly premature deaths due to drinking and driving. Our solution: Project Graduation. Our goal is to provide a fun-filled, exciting, memorable, substance free all night party for the MIHS Graduating Class of 2021 following the graduation ceremony. Your senior will want to come, it’s a Merritt Island tradition.

First, before we continue, let’s address our new normal. We have lots of worries and concerns on what will happen in the year ahead. The class of 2020 did not have their Project Graduation. However, parents were able to think outside the box and do the best they could providing ALL graduates with a special monetary gift with ALL of the funds raised. This is something that could NOT have been done without the support of all those who worked so hard to make PG great for the graduating class.

We will forge ahead with our usual Project Graduation plans and also plan to think outside the box in case we need to adjust those plans. Moving forward, we are asking you for help. How can you contribute? If you don’t have time to attend a meeting, help with fundraising, or volunteer the day of the event, we are asking you to make a monetary donation. We need your donation to make this a night to remember for every senior. Just imagine the expense involved in entertaining 360 seniors for an entire night.

Please take a moment right now to donate. Your tax deductible donation of $50 to Project Graduation will go far in keeping our seniors safe on Graduation night. Write a check to MIHS Project Graduation and send it to the address below.   You can also use the donate button on the MIHS Project Graduation web page to pay using PayPal or with a credit card.  You’ll feel better, knowing that you are donating to a great cause on behalf of your senior and the senior class. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

If you would like to help fundraise or participate in the planning of this end of the year celebration, please contact us on the web page contact form and we will be very happy to get you plugged in.

Visit this page to stay up to date on what Project Graduation is doing.  You can also visit our Facebook pages.
Public FB Page: MIHS Project Graduation
Closed Parent Group: MIHS Project Graduation 2021 Parents


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